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    Meyer-Dunker joins Schachbund – 27 Sep 2021

    The German Chess Federation has appointed Paul Meyer-Dunker for its public relations and social media. The 29-year-old is President of the Berlin Chess Federation and has a background in E-sports and Green politics.

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    Motiva sponsors women’s chess – 27 Sep 2021

    FIDE has announced a partnership with Establishment Labs, producer of Motiva silicone breast implants, throughout 2022, which has been declared the Year of Women in Chess. The Costa Rican company has seen its share price on the Nasdaq skyrocket in the early summer, even though it is not yet profitable.

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    Festival programme announced – 25 Sep 2021

    Judit Polgár has announced the programme of the Global Chess Festival on 9 October at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest. Inspirational speeches followed by a short concert of Juga di Prima and an Educational Chess Summit with international experts will all be streamed.

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    Nepo’s team wins Arena Royale – 25 Sep 2021

    The Russia Wizards won the Arena Royale season of the PRO Chess League with a final win against the Saint Louis Arch Bishops. Challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi was in good form throughout and scored 3,5/4 in the final, as did his team-mate Alexey Sarana.

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    St Petersburg wins European Club Cup – 24 Sep 2021

    The St. Petersburg team, named after the Bronze Horseman monument of Tsar Peter that was immortalized by a poem of Alexander Pushkin, won the European Club Cup held in Struga, Macedonia, for the second time after 2018. Top seated Alkaloid Skopje couldn’t repeat its 2016 win and finished only on the eighth place. Magnus Carlsen joined Offerspill Oslo for three games and signed the world championship contract in Struga, before returning to Oslo for the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour final starting this Saturday.

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