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    9% more teams in Switzerland – 25 Jul 2021

    318 teams have registered for the Swiss Team Championship, which is 26 more teams than in 2019 participated in the last season before the pandemic. The season (which is played within the calendar year) has been shortened, team sizes and entry fees have been reduced by the Swiss Chess Federation.

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    Education conference on Thursday and Friday – 24 Jul 2021

    The US Chess Trust sponsors the Third International Koltanowski on Chess in Education ahead of the US Open Chess Championship in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on 29 and 30 July. The conference is dedicated to the former US Chess President and Professor Emeritus of Literary Studies Tim Redman. To follow the livestream, a free registration is required.

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    De Montfort University hosts English chess library – 24 Jul 2021

    The English Chess Federation has resolved one of its long-term worries: Its library, packed up in nearly 200 boxes, found a new home at the De Montfort University in centrally located Leicester where it is currently being catalogued and can be browsed at regular library hours.

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    6,000 at ChessFest in London – 24 Jul 2021

    Chess in Schools and Communities ran a chess festival on Trafalgar Square that attracted 6,000 participants and included three eminent art institutions, the Royal Gallery, the V & A, and the Wallace Collection, as noted in the gratulations by Britain’s Minister of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden. ChessFest was sponsored by the trading company XTX Markets and is planned to return in 2022.

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    Seven more in Chess Hall of Fame – 24 Jul 2021

    In a ceremony during the US Open Championship on 6 August, the St Louis Chess Centre-hosted World Chess Hall of Fame adds Judit Polgar, Miguel Najdorf and Eugenio Torre, and the US Chess Hall of Fame adds its benefactors Rex Sinquefield and Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield as well as ChessLife founding editor Frank Brady and US championship record holder James Sherwin.

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