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  • Immortal Game raised $15,5 million – 20 Sep 2022

    The French start-up Immortal Game that is bringing Play2Earn to online chess based on monetization through NFT pieces has raised $3,5 million a few months ago and $12 million now from The Chernin Group (TCG) Crypto Fund and Greenfield, another investment company specializing in crypto companies.

  • Where are the Ukrainian kids? – 18 Sep 2022

    The U8–12 World Championships that are going on in Batumi until 28 September have 76 participants with a FIDE designation, 59 of which are listed for Russia in the FIDE rating list, but not a single kid from Ukraine.

  • Caruana wins Fischer tournament in St. Louis – 17 Sep 2022

    Fabiano Caruana won the 9LX aka Fischer Random tournament at the St Louis Chess Club after a tie-break against Alireza Firouzja. One month before the Fischer Random World Championship in Reykjavik world champion Wesley So scored 50%. The inactive former world champion Garry Kasparov clinched only one draw in nine games.

  • Social applications conference on 15 October – 17 Sep 2022

    The International Society for Applied Chess celebrates its fifth anniversary with an online conference on “Bio-psycho social applications of the game chess” held online on 15 October.

  • Lviv vs Berlin – 16 Sep 2022

    Next Friday, 23 September, teams meet in Lviv, the capital of Western Ukraine, and in Berlin to play a hybrid rapid match in front of spectators and presence of arbiters, raising funds for Unicef and testing the Millennium Supreme Tournament 55 electronic boards.

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