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    Chessable to release free classroom tool – 05 Dec 2020

    A new tool for video lessons, homework and assessment management and group tournaments is presented by Chessable today for the first time at ChessTech 2020. It will be free for chess academies and schools and allows to bring other Chessable content into online and real classrooms.

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    Documentary about best strategy players – 04 Dec 2020

    “Pentamind”, an hour-long documentary about the world’s best multi-strategy games players is available on Youtube until Sunday night. Pentamind is the highest title awarded at the annual Mind Sports Olympiad for the best performance across five disciplines. Etan Ilfeld will talk about the Mind Sports Olympiad’s first online edition on Saturday at ChessTech 2020.

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    Malinin’s epilogue – 01 Dec 2020

    After Vasily Malinin (1956–2020), a scholar of law and GM from St. Petersburg, died, published a statement by him that alleges match-fixing when Sergey Karjakin scored his final GM norm to become the world’s youngest grandmaster at 12 years and 7 months. Nigel Short called this on twitter “an open secret for years”.

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    Wesley So spoils fun for Carlsen – 30 Nov 2020

    Magnus Carlsen lost the final of the inaugural event of the Champions Chess Tour on his thirtieth birthday. The reigning American champion Wesley So clinched their closely fought match in the blitz tiebreak with 5,5:4,5. The Skilling Open started the second tour run by Play Magnus and hosted by chess24. So wins $30,000 and a place in the Grand Final.

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    Español, français, deutsch – 30 Nov 2020

    ChessTech 2020 introduces conference sessions in three other languages than English. Spanish-speakers will meet on Saturday at 14–16 GMT, French-speakers on Saturday at 16–18 GMT and German-speakers on Sunday at 14–17 GMT.

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