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    PMG accepted Milner’s bid – 21 Jan 2022

    An extraordinary meeting of the Play Magnus Group shareholders agreed to issue 4,864,753 additional shares at an adjusted prize of NOK 18,30 to Yuri Milner for $10 million.

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    General Atlantic invests in – 15 Jan 2022

    General Atlantic, a US equity form with early investments in Slack, Airbnb and TikTok, is financing further growth in

  • Short news announced $650,000 rapid series – 14 Jan 2022’s answer to the Champions Chess Tour is their own series of online elite events starting six days earlier than the competitor on 12 February. Only the top 100 rated players, top 10 juniors and top 10 women are eligible to compete for $500,000 in the qualifiers and $150,000 in the final.

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    Maia can guess the player from anonymous games – 14 Jan 2022

    Maia, an AI by University of Toronto researchers Ashton Anderson and Reid McIlroy-Young, was trained on hundred games each of 3000 different players. It was then fed portions of hundred anonymous games not in the training sample and guessed correctly who played these in 86% of the cases. They told Science magazine that the code wasn’t published due to privacy concerns.

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    Giri and Esipenko (re-)join Bundesliga – 13 Jan 2022

    Germany’s top team is getting even stronger. Anish Giri joins the OSG Baden-Baden and so do Alexander Donchenko and Georg Meier who used to play for the second placed team SF Deizisau. Even though no agreement with Alireza Firouzja could be reached, winning a 16th championship title in this Bundesliga season starting in March is highly likely, as the Russian youngster Andrey Esipenko alone will not transform Turm Kiel into a title contender.

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