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  • FIDE ties two Candidates into single event – 30 Jan 2023

    In order to find a sponsor for the next Women’s Candidates Tournament with a minimum prizefund of €200,000, FIDE is requiring bidders for the Candidates Tournament 2024 to include it. The bidding deadline is set for 28 February.

  • Romania hires Sokolov – 30 Jan 2023

    After adding Richárd Rapport and Kirill Shevchenko to their national team, the Romanian Chess Federation has appointed Ivan Sokolov as Head Coach.

  • ECU expects Russia to withdraw – 30 Jan 2023

    Ever since the Chess Federation of Russia has applied to become a member of the Asian Chess Associationin April 2022, the European Chess Union (ECU) has pressed FIDE to clarify the legality of such an unprecedented move and has now set a deadline of 24 February, one year since the Russian invasion in Ukraine started, for Russia to withdraw its ECU membership before the Asian Chess Association’s general assembly starting on 26 February where it can accept Russia. The ECU would still admit those Russian players who have taken permament residence in Europe to participate in the European Individual Championships in March.

  • Champions Tour opens up – 25 Jan 2023

    The Champions Chess Tour 2023 consists of six regular events, each starting with a qualifier on open to all GMs, followed by a tournament shortened to five days, and a big final in December for a prize fund of altogether $2 million. First is the Airthings Masters on 6–10 February. Meltwater is not any more title sponsor. Robert Hess joins the presentation team.

  • Vienna to bid for World Rapid & Blitz 2024 – 24 Jan 2023

    The Austrian Chess Federation received FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich to discuss holding the World Rapid & Blitz Championship after christmas 2024 in Vienna.

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