Mouse trouble costs Kasparov game

Garry Kasparov was a healthy pawn up against Fabiano Caruana at the 9LX, a Fischer random aka chess960 event, sponsored by the Saint Louis Chess Club and hosted by Lichess, when he tried to play his queen from e4 to c2. The mouse instead recorded a move to d3, but as Kasparov had tried to correct the square a premove from d3 to c2 was also recorded. Not as versatile in online play as his younger colleagues, the 57-year-old former world champion didn’t understand what was going on and didn’t disable the premove before Caruana replied. Kasparov watched in disbelief as the premove was executed, which cost him a piece and possibly a full point. After a decent first day, on which he held Carlsen to a draw, Kasparov ended up with only half a point from three promising positions on day two.